Disaster Recovery Telecommunication Plan

We know how important your telecommunications are to your business. Whether you’re operating a business from a physical location or online, the way in which you communicate within your business and to your clients is imperative to your ongoing success. But have you stopped to consider what you would do to keep your lines of communication open in the event of something going wrong?

Say, for example, a natural disaster or an IT issue within your business? Preparing for the worst within your business’ communications systems is called a disaster recovery communications plan, and it is a sensible step to take if your communications are important to the successful operation of your business.

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Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Telecommunications Plan

Making a comprehensive disaster recovery telecommunications plan might seem like a big step for your business to take. After all, how often do disaster events really happen – and are they that big of a deal when they do?

The answer is, of course, that while disasters may be few and far between, the consequences of them taking place can range from minor to highly significant.

The question is if your telecommunications were interrupted and were down for the next week and a half – how well would your business fare?

Would you be able to continue operations? How long would it take you to get back online, and how much would it cost?

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The point of disaster recovery is that it gives you the peace of mind you need to know that your business is going to be able to keep on operating even in the event of a theft, fire, flood, storm, or another disaster. Disasters don’t just take the form of weather events either; it might be that you suffer from a data attack or an issue which stems from something internally.

How to Put a Disaster Recovery Telecommunications Plan in Place

Creating a disaster recovery plan is something that we are experienced at doing. We have worked with countless businesses just like you and put the systems in place that protect you. As part of our service we:

  • Document all of your ‘mission critical’ systems and software that are vital for the ongoing performance of your telecommunications systems and ensure that they are all able to restored and brought back online within a relevant time frame
  • Identify possible threats and ensure that you are as protected as you can be against these as well as any other issues that may arise
  • Work to develop a set of possible scenarios in which your disaster recovery plan might be rolled out
  • Ascribe responsibility for disaster recovery efforts and ensure that everyone who is involved in your disaster recovery plan knows what they have to do
  • Work out the costs of maintaining your disaster recovery telecommunications plan and ensure that it is scalable and manageable for your business

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