How Australian Businesses Can Improve Their NBN Internet Connection

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How Australian Businesses Can Improve Their NBN Internet Connection

Has your business transitioned to NBN only to find it’s not as impressive or stable as you hoped it would be? We know how devastating it can be to discover that your NBN internet connect keeps failing, especially when you’re trying to run a business.

But you don’t need to be stuck with poor internet any longer.

Get a reliable internet connection with the NBN by taking advantage of the ITT Failover Service.

What is a Failover Service?

A failover service essentially fail-proofs your NBN. It’s the failsafe that saves you if your internet connection cuts out. So, with this in place, your business won’t be impacted by a poor internet connection ever again. Sounds pretty great huh?

So just to make things clear, here’s exactly what a failover service can do:

  • It keeps your internet up and running when your main connected service fails.
  • You won’t be impacted in the slightest. No loss of productivity. Just continue with your day as if nothing happened.
  • This solution is so simple and cost-effective, you will wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.
  • There’s no need to interact with any support staff. The failover service is enabled automatically when your internet connection fails.
  • If there’s a mainline outage, your static IP address will be maintained too!


How Does It Work?

Sure, this all probably sounds too good to be true. I mean, a reliable internet connection is the stuff dreams are made of, right? Wrong. Let us explain how this miracle work happens:

  • A failover service provider like us will be in charge of running and maintaining your failover service on your behalf.
  • When your internet connection drops out, the failover service moves DNS traffic from one IP address to another IP address in another location.
  • We will be notified right away if an outage has occurred, and the system will automatically troubleshoot the problem and prevent any internet connection loss from occurring.
  • Once the connection issues are resolved, the DNS traffic will be switched back to the original IP address automatically.
  • The failover service can be left completely unattended and will do the job it was made to do without any interaction needed.


Why Your Business Needs a Failover Service

Most businesses these days are incredibly dependent on the internet to operate, so without a stable connection, you could lose time and money every time an outage occurs. With a failover service in place, you can maintain business as usual with no loss of signal.

Most of all, there will be no interruptions to vital business programs and applications. You’ll be able to continue VoIP calls, do your online banking and even keep remote users connected without any hassle. Best of all, it happens so quickly and seamlessly, you won’t even know an outage occurred in the first place.


Find Out More About The ITT Failover Service

There’s no need to look around for this miracle service. Here at ITT, we can implement and maintain it all for you. Best of all, the entire setup process only takes minutes! So put your internet connection woes behind you and contact us today to find out more.


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